Blogfest on Design

May 22, 2013

20130522-082015.jpg The last 2 days have been action packed. I have been attending the Blogfest on Design, which is an event hosted by the wonderful Kravet fabric company. It all started off at the Kips Bay Showhouse on Monday, finishing up with studio tours at Kravet yesterday. With tons of interesting things in between. Here is a quick look at some of those events.

20130522-082437.jpg An afternoon was spent at the Hearst building and offices for an introduction and look into the world of the HGTV magazine.

20130522-082616.jpg The magazine is fairly new to the market, but it has just taken off and is immensely popular. After meeting the incredibly upbeat editor, I can see why. Her positive energy & attitude infuse the colorful, idea filled magazine.

20130522-082859.jpg A yummy lunch was served and we were treated to a presentation by Thom Filicia, later being joined for a panel discussion with Alexa Hampton. What an energetic duo they are.

20130522-083224.jpg Fab hot pink with a smidge of green to mimic the pink and green chairs at the lunch. Great attention to detail.

20130522-083423.jpg With a lively cocktail party at the antique emporium Newel. I use the word emporium because the word store does not even begin to cut it. Newel is 5 huge floors filled with world class antiques. I have never seen anything even close to that scale of antiques in one setting. Kind of mind blowing, really.


20130522-083850.jpg Beautiful vignettes are set up on the first floor, along with incredible artwork at every turn.

20130522-084017.jpg Loved this idea from the cocktail party. Crudités set about on a flat bed of grass. So clever, so creative.

20130522-084222.jpg A highlight of the 2 days was meeting Aerin Lauder, who presented her new line with Lee Jofa. What a cool gal. Here new fabrics are just stunning. They work beautifully along with her new brand of lifestyle goods, Aerin. It was such a pleasure meeting her.

20130522-084616.jpg One of her new Lee Jofa fabrics.



20130522-084839.jpg Touring the Kravet studios is such a visual experience. Above are some of my favorite fabrics I spotted.

20130522-085004.jpg It was such a fun 2 days filled with tons of interesting people and experiences. The best!

20130522-085145.jpg I then met Ted and Bailey at Eataly and we picked up things for a meal outside at Madison Square park. If you have not yet been to Eataly, put it on your list, for sure. Another mind boggling experience of LOTS. Packed with food, packed with people–really an amazing spot.

More NYC adventures tomorrow. I wonder why I am really tired when my head hits the pillow each night…