Farmstand Salad Greens

May 28, 2013

20130528-070729.jpg One of the joys of Vashon Island living is all the delightful organic farms that dot the area. Most have little self serve areas set up so you can stop in at any time and see what offerings they have for sale. Hogsback Farm is one such place, and it is on our way from the ferry to the grocery store, to our house. It is a stop we most always try and make. Salad greens are one of the things available most always. This Sunday a big bag of greens was what struck our eye–each leaf so beautiful. The amount of care given to each packed bag I find so extraordinary. Each little works of art. TPS whipped up a hearty yet simple salad for lunch. He made a vinaigrette of oil & vinegar, with a little salt and pepper. Then he crumbled blue cheese, added toasted slivered almonds and halved our first cherries of the season. Add to that a baguette toasted in the oven after being slathered with Grove 45 extra virgin olive oil, and a hearty healthy lunch it would be.