The Comfort of a Place

May 31, 2013


20130531-074909.jpg I had to make a quick trip to New York for a meeting yesterday morning. With little time, well actually no time, to plan, I just kind of went on overdrive in the state that we will hopefully soon call our very part-time home. After the plane landed, I hopped the train from Newark into the city. Once at Penn Station, I used my fab Uber app to locate the nearest car in the area to pick me up and take me to Prune. For those of you who have read the blog posts over the past 2 years, you know Prune is a place I hold in the highest regard. I feel so at home in the space. Kind of how I hope friends feel when they are in our home. A place of great familiarity and comfort. I had a sublime meal. Just like always. As well as a lovely chat with the owner Gabrielle. A perfect way to enter the world of New York City. Food, and the remarkable places that create it, makes me feel incredibly comfortable in a place. The next day, before I headed back to the airport I made my way to Buvette. Yes, this was very unexpected, as TPS & I, along with Bailey, had such a memorable breakfast there just last Thursday. This is also a place I feel immensely comfortable in. We so often hear at the shops from customers from both far and near, how much they just like being in the spaces. They love how they feel when they are there. This, of course, is one of the greatest compliments I can paid. Buvette evokes that very same feeling in me. Every detail, and I mean every detail, has been thought through. Attention to great detail takes much work, but the reward is so great. Add to that amazing vibe one seriously glorious meal, and shortly after I was back up in the sky on my way home to Seattle.

It was an up at 5 morning, with many tasks for the day. Fingers crossed–I hope to fill you in on all the details soon…

I am actually tapping this out on the airplane as I look down upon the clouds, saving it on my phone in my notes. Ahhhh, technology. I rarely write a post in advance, but I had a feeling I was going to be quite tired on Friday morning…