Outstanding Orange

June 3, 2013

20130603-085451.jpg Orange seems to be a color I come back to time and again. The energetic hue is something my eye is drawn to when I am snapping photos or just want a visual boost. I thought I would share some of my favorite orange shots. The above orange roses at the Kips Bay house I toured in New York last month were just so pretty.

20130603-085913.jpg These little orange roses were the only thing I could find at the country grocery store in Putnam County, but they ended up working quite swell cut super short and tightly grouped together.

20130603-090242.jpg A lovely new Dempsey & Carroll orange leather wallet to hold their cards that I picked up when I was at their shop. I think it will look so fun left out on the desk. The below journal sent to me as an invitation to see the vendor at the stationery show. What a clever idea. It worked!

Orange shop goods always catch my eye when I am waking around straightening up displays.




20130603-091008.jpg I snapped this shot on my tour of the glassybaby studio. These are the color sticks (not sure I am using the correct term) that are used to create the color for each vessel.

20130603-091321.jpg Fab wrapping paper that evokes thoughts of my favorite champagne…

20130603-091445.jpg And lastly, these glorious tulips that opened to so beautifully in varying shades of riotous orange. The tulips this year have just been amazing.

A happy start of the week to you all!