June 6, 2013

20130606-075429.jpg friend·ship
The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
A relationship between friends.
amity – fellowship – companionship – comradeship

Friendship really is a gift. It is one of the most special gifts we can give or receive. Like most gifts, it does take careful thought and tending. I have spent an incredible week wrapped in friendship, and it has me thinking about how fortunate we are to have extraordinary friends in our life. My quick trip to New York last week had me spending time with my oldest and closet college friend Devin. 30 years of unwavering friendship–lucky indeed. Friday and Saturday evenings were spent with the closest of friends, Whitney & Joe, celebrating the 51st birthday of Mister Sive at Tilth, and then the next night celebrating the 50th birthday of our uber creative, architect friend Kate. All 25 year of friendships. Tuesday I had breakfast with my friend Jewel who was a customer of mine from my wholesale showroom days and Heather who is part of the WK family, then later a dinner at Peg & Brian’s–almost 15 years of friendship with them all. Yesterday I had an exquisite breakfast at Cafe Campagne with Catherine, Rise’ & Linda, all friends for more than 10 years. I mention the above because I find it so fascinating how quickly time passes. Friends become a part of our history. They remind us of where we have been and where we are going. Lasting friendships require effort by both sides, which is what makes it so meaningful and rich. When I think of friendships over the years that are no longer, I know they were not tended or looked after, so they withered. The analogy makes me think of caring for a plant–well loved, looked after, watered, given sunshine and happiness, and they thrive. So much of a life well lived is that way, what you put into something is what you get out of it. True, long-lasting friendship, is to be cherished, and it will blossom and grow.