Simple Pleasures: Firewood

June 24, 2013

20130624-085132.jpg We arrived to Vashon yesterday morning to 4 cords of wood that had been delivered and dropped off at the end of our driveway during the week. That act got me thinking of simple pleasures. What are the things that make you happy? For us, having a fire going when we are here brings us much joy. The fire cuts the cool, dampness that the Colvos Passage water brings. I also find a fire so relaxing. I love the sight, the smell, and the overall feel a fire projects. A simple pleasure. I don’t think they have to be overly indulgent, or they can be. It is really just up to each of us to know what our simple pleasures are. Then fill your moments with them. They make us happy. That in turn makes those around us happy. Always a good thing in my book. May you have a simple pleasures filled start to your week…