Repetition in Design

June 25, 2013

20130625-093833.jpg rep·e·ti·tion
The action of repeating something.
The recurrence of an action or event.
reiteration – repeat – iteration – rehearsal – iterance

Think ‘strength in numbers’ is how I always look at repetition in design. Whether at the shops or at home, this is a visual play I use often. If you collect something, let’s say silver candlesticks, grouping them together will make a much stronger visual statement than if they are scattered about a room. By grouping like things together, it creates a collective whole. The eye sees the grouping, as well as the individual objects. Try this next time you get a burst of creative energy and want to switch up things a bit at home.

Our photo shoot on the island was just cancelled today due to rain and will now take place on Sunday. I have had design on the brain these last few days. Well, actually, I have design on my mind almost always, but even more so these past few days getting things in tip top shape. Fingers crossed for a sunny Sunday…