The Dahlias Have Arrived!

July 1, 2013

20130701-064312.jpg Living by the season can be satisfying on so many different levels. Flowers & produce are the two things that come to mind first for me when I think of immersing myself into what time of year it is. Dahlias and Summer go hand and hand. So it is always a thrill to see the very first of the season, as I did on Saturday, when I was doing my usual Pike Place Market stroll. The fact that they were the simple white variety made it all even better. A classic to start off the season. 2 big bunches are sitting outside on the dining table we moved out to the deck for Summer, which I am happily looking at right now as I type this post. The bunches were enjoyed as well by customers on Saturday at the check-out stand. As the season progresses, they will get larger and much more colorful. But these so do the trick for the moment.

A happy start of July everyone!