Love in the Details

July 19, 2013

20130719-055111.jpg We head back to Seattle this evening. It has been quite a week. We have made our lists, envisioned how we see we will live in the spaces, talked furniture options, and have both been smiling from ear to ear. We squeezed in a bit of relaxation, and awoke early to the amazing symphony of birds singing.

20130719-055558.jpg I laughed when I unpacked these Hermes towels and thought that the ‘H’ could also stand for Hawthorne.



20130719-055902.jpg We have been relishing in all the lovely details. The hydrangea that run the length of both sides of the house add a perky bit of color. I love snipping single blooms and setting them about. The green leaves as pretty as the blooms.

20130719-060150.jpg The original claw foot tube in the downstairs bathroom. Loving all the vintage details.


20130719-060413.jpg There is really so little work we have to do. Green, gray and black are the colors that prevail. The look so handsome against all the crisp white. We are choosing several shades of green to paint the rooms to freshen them up and put our spin on things. Part of our vintage green McCoy pottery collection will find a home here too.

20130719-060800.jpg The heat has enveloped us and welcomed us to the area. Bailey, ever the seasoned traveller, has found a spot next to a fan each day. Not sure she is as big a fan of the heat as we are.

Thank you all for joining us this week on our adventure. As always, such a treat to have you along. We will be back in August. For more heat I am sure. Back to work tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what new dahlias the Market vendors have in store…