Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butters

July 23, 2013

20130723-081544.jpg When we are away for a bit of time, one of the best parts of coming back is I know there will be new things that have shown up at the shops while we were gone. Such is the case yesterday when I spotted this trio looking all swell and swanky on one of the shelves. Handcrafted in Durham, North Carolina, these nut butters using cashews, almonds and pecans are divine. Wildflower honey is used in place of palm oil. The honey acts as a natural preservative that prevents staling and spoilage. So there is no need to refrigerate it–so it can go right on to toast without being cold. A big plus. But the biggest plus is the flavor. The addition of either the cashews, almonds or pecans to the peanuts just adds a level of richness and depth of flavor. This is adult peanut butter. From my post yesterday, you can better believe that a hotel silver knife would look pretty darn dandy tied-off of one of these jars. It is a good thing I am a shop keeper, because stuff like this excites me to no end. It just rocks!