Herbs in Single Stem Vases

July 26, 2013

20130726-082321.jpg With herbs growing like weeds this time of year, and I do mean good weeds, I try and use them in varying ways. We had a guest last night for dinner. It has been a crazy busy week since our return from New York. I really wanted to set an inviting table, but had not a moment extra to pick up flowers. A few snips of the scissors on the rooftop garden with all the herbs in pots was all we needed to add a little life & green to the table. Mint, rosemary, oregano, basil, tarragon–really any herb that looks hearty will do. Add them to simple vases or drinking glasses. We have a collection of vintage apothecary bottles that work swell for this as the opening at the neck is small, so a single stem works perfectly. I scattered them down the center of the dining table, interspersing them with clear glass votive candles. All set for an easy weeknight meal.