Fresh Herbs + Chèvre = Herbed Chèvre

July 30, 2013

20130730-071736.jpg Yes, I am on a fresh herb kick. The plentiful-ness of the season just makes me want to use them as often as I can. We had several packages of goat cheese that had accumulated in our fridge in town. When I was packing up to head to the island for the week-end I threw one into the L.L. Bean bag, thinking I would find a use for it. The herb pots are going absolutely crazy with all this sun. A little herbed chèvre it would be. This is really the easiest darn thing to do, and it works well to serve on a cheese board too. For the other day, I stuffed the herbed cheese under chicken breasts, as TPS had made a special request for this for dinner, before roasting them. Within minutes, the house was filled with herby goodness.

Let your package of chèvre sit out for a bit to soften while sitting in a bowl. Choose whatever herbs you like, such as oregano and thyme. Take off all the leaves from the stems. On a cutting board chop the heck out of those herbs until they are super fine. The oils will get released from the leaves and the tiny bits of herbs will be lovely throughout the chèvre. Add that to the bowl as well as a few good grinds of course pepper and a few pinches of salt. Mix together. Form into a ball or log, depending on what you want to use it for. That simple. But so, so yummy.