My Favorite Things Today

July 31, 2013

20130731-052743.jpg A spin around the shop floor had me noticing some things that I thought would be fun to feature today. The above honeycomb orb candlesticks are just plain gorgeous. Whether singly or grouped together. They are also quite heavy.

20130731-053219.jpg B.R. Cohn makes just the best stuff. This makes me think of Summer. The drawing on the bottle reminds me of Chez Panisse.

20130731-053429.jpg Our new 2014 Watson Kennedy calendar towel that Le Jacquard Francais makes for us each year arrived when we were in New York a few weeks ago. Boxes and boxes of them. I love how some customers have started a collection and have one from each year since we began having these made. Lovely to use in place of wrapping paper and wrap around a bottle of wine or bubbly for a host/hostess gift.

20130731-053754.jpg My new favorite ribbon.

20130731-053848.jpg Have been really enjoying the color red this past week. Interesting how your eye gravitates to certain colors at times. Mine is going to red at the moment.

20130731-054045.jpg Always loving anything to do with hands. Always. Hands tell so much about a person.

20130731-054218.jpg Just a pretty, pretty book by designer Michael S. Smith. Actually handsome is a better description. His work always a nod to earthy colors and strong architectural influences.

20130731-054525.jpg Diptyque re-packaged their edt’s in a new beautifully shaped bottle. Our order arrived the other day and I love seeing all of the new boxes lined up ever so neatly together. Visually I like seeing many of one type of item together.

20130731-054825.jpg Murano glass and shells, oh my.

20130731-054913.jpg Just the sweetest little dog figures to have on a shelf or desk. Spunky little fellows.

There you have it! How is it almost August already? Hope your Summer is all that you wish it to be…