A Galvanized Tub of Scented Geraniums

August 12, 2013

20130812-080821.jpg You all know of my love of scented geranium. This time of Summer they go crazy. Late Spring we bought a big galvanized tub and planted new plants as well as plants from last year and filled up the tub. It has been so cool to see them combined and flourish in a large container where they have room to grow. It is a reminder to me to think of objects that you would not normally think to use to plant things. If you can drill holes in it, it most times will make a nifty container to plant your favorite things.

Ahhhh, auto correct. For those of you who read the post yesterday, it was meant to be ‘extra virgin olive oil’ not ‘extra virgin “police” oil’ and it was something I did not catch. Jennifer, a faithful reader from Charlotte, who I have known for close to 20 years, brought it to my attention with a very funny comment. Don’t ask me how it overrode to that word, but it did. Sorry about that. We are not making a new variety of EVOO. I am smiling as type this.