Day 2

August 20, 2013

20130820-063105.jpg So, this has happened before. I get into a groove, almost a ‘zen like’ buying mode and I forget to click away stuff as I am going along. The sweet apple single stem flower holders was all I captured at the show yesterday in the form of photos. Oh but what a day. I found such great stuff!

20130820-063610.jpg I also squeezed in a quick 15 minute visit with our uber creative friend Jane Dagmi. She designed the interior of an RV for a promotional trip that is the brainchild for a PR company she is doing work for. The tricked out RV was colorfully designed and it was so cool to see how cleverly she designed all aspects of the space. It was a fun respite from buying in the middle of the day.

20130820-064234.jpg The day ended with dinner at Buvette. So yummy. Put this on your list if you visit the city. Breakfast, lunch or dinner–Buvette just rocks.

20130820-064410.jpg I had a meeting at fab stationer Dempsey & Carroll at the end of the day. Loving this new card. Perfect really. Now off to the show I go…