Buying Broken Sets

August 25, 2013

20130825-065241.jpg We had such a fun day yesterday vintage shopping for the house and for the shops. Hudson is an incredible town filled with vintage galore, so we knew it would be an easy afternoon of finding lots of treasures. My tip for when you are out looking at antique shops, flea markets & tag sales is you are most often times going to get a screaming deal if you buy sets of things that are not complete. Yesterday we scored this amazing English ironstone set of plates, bowls, tea cups and serving pieces for a fraction of the price because the set was broken up. We were really on the hunt for plates, so when I spotted the grouping my eyes went right to those. Since the set was not complete, it becomes much less desirable to most, but by my way of thinking a winner–an incredible deal at under $100. We love having different sets of things so we can change up what we are using often. The serving bowls used as soon as we got back home filled with a treat to have with our cocktail on the back porch.