Bit by Bit

August 26, 2013

20130826-074031.jpg We head back to Seattle tonight. It has been a glorious trip of being at Hawthorne and being in the city. A combination I quite love. We had a stretch of days where we could continue to dream & scheme, measure and chat about how we want the house to be. We are ‘list’ people. Many things were crossed off, many more were added. Filling a home takes time and we are determined to enjoy the process, not let it stress us out. Plus, homes that really speak to me always are quite layered. Things have been collected over time. Objects have stories. Here is the beginning of ours.

The above headboard was given a high gloss black treatment. We bought an antique daybed from the gentleman we bought the house from. Instead of using it as a daybed, we turned it into 2 headboards for twin beds in the guest room. I am quite happy how they turned out.

20130826-075047.jpg Our friend CoCo came up on the train with me from the city for a few nights and picked ferns from the back of the house and made a little piece of memorable art for us in a vintage frame we had.

20130826-075304.jpg Margot Lar, an artist I met on Instagram hand painted glasses for us which I am just tickled about. She used varying greens. Can’t wait to set a table with these.

20130826-075547.jpg I found an apple green vintage ice bucket to add to our little bar set-up on the counter. Nice and big, as it holds almost an entire bag of ice.

20130826-075822.jpg A green glassbaby collection has begun here too. We have been lighting them each night on the back porch when we light a fire and have dinner.

20130826-080040.jpg We found these repurposed little side tables in Hudson that are on wheels. Perfect for the back porch. More on these in a later post.

20130826-080250.jpg Testing out a new line in the upstairs bathroom to possibly bring into Watson Kennedy.

20130826-080431.jpg Bit by bit, this incredibly sweet farmhouse is becoming our part-time home.

20130826-080546.jpg Filled with much love–lazy days, reading, napping, cooking. And just being. Oh, and Bailey likes it quite a bit too.

Happy start of the week all!