A Stack of Magazine Happiness

August 27, 2013

20130827-080803.jpg We arrived back to Seattle late last night to the arrival of a big stack of magazines that came while we were away. This makes me very happy. I love magazines. Always have. Just something about getting lost in the pages. Dreaming. I also think they help me to stay current on design, food and a whole host of other topics. There is just something about settling in with a new issue of a favorite magazine that can be so relaxing and revitalizing at the same time. Print is by no means dead. It is very alive and thriving. I was so excited to read thru the September issue of Vogue on the plane, I bought it at the airport–all 902 pages of it. Of course it was the first magazine I spotted in the stack when we arrived home. The issue is so heavy, I can use the pair of matching magazines as weights.

Happy Tuesday all. From sunny Seattle, Ted