Home Is…

August 29, 2013

20130829-053204.jpg Yesterday morning was spent at the dining room table completing edits I had received from my editor for my book. This whole process has been so incredibly interesting–the system/process/routine of creating a book. I needed a few breaks from looking at the pages, so I snapped a few shots of things I really like. This got me thinking of vignettes. And display. Really an essential part of the book. It got me thinking about home and the objects that make up a home, and what those mean to me.

20130829-054017.jpg I feel your home should envelop you. I feel such comfort when I am in our home. Just being. Home can mean something different to each of us. To me comfort is a prevailing theme.

20130829-054453.jpg Filled up with things that bring us happiness/joy/energy/peace/insert what words first come to mind for you. They are just “things” but they tell our story. They have meaning to us. All put together, they make up our home.