Vintage Magazine Has Arrived!

August 30, 2013

20130830-070429.jpg The latest edition of ‘Vintage Magazine’ landed at both shops while we were away. Always fun to come back and see all of the new things that have arrived. This is really more a small work of art than just a magazine. The paper, the binding, the lay-out, all make for this to be a saved & collected item. This issue the cover was created by ever clever Chip Kidd.

20130830-071159.jpg The designing life of Elsie de Wolfe is a glimpse into the world of the design legend. I have always found her utterly fascinating. This article fueled that even further. There is also very cleverly written piece by Lisa Birnbach about living with books that brought a smile to my face, which her writing always does to me.

20130830-071525.jpg Everything about ‘Vintage Magazine’ is a nod to the creative. Filled with detail after creative detail, from start to finish.