A Fresh Table

September 19, 2013

20130919-061022.jpg Yesterday and the next few days are all about display. We have so much new product coming in daily at this time of year, it really necessitates us moving things around. The dining table at the Home store went from a shell theme to a table all about varying shades of green.

20130919-061255.jpg As things go in retail, certain loved items become discontinued by the maker. Such is the case of one of my all-time favorite pitchers, this monkey style. He had to grace one of our tables one last time.

20130919-061616.jpg Then the layering begins. Truly, setting a table is so much like getting dressed. Layer after layer gets added. First the placemats, then the plate choice, then the silverware, then the glassware, and on and on. If something does not look or feel right, take it off.

20130919-061915.jpg The square fern plates adding a bit of nature to the overall table theme. I will pick ferns this week-end to add to the table next week. The fun thing about these tables is they get added to over the coming weeks and the layering just continues.

20130919-062157.jpg The napkin rings with the numbers a fun new addition to our stock. But the monkey was the key element that brings the whole table together. Such a happy fellow!