Ice Buckets

September 24, 2013


20130924-054411.jpg Ice buckets equate something good is about to happen. Filling up an ice bucket means guests are soon to arrive, laughter is right around the counter, soon stories will be told. You get the picture. They are just fun. When I spotted these happy objects at the show in August, I thought they would be a welcome addition to the shops goods.

20130924-054906.jpg In orange, yellow, green and red–they look quite fetching mixed about in the displays. But they will really sing when they find a proper home and are put to good use.


20130924-055105.jpg At any given time, we can have multiples of ice buckets in our living room and kitchen. I think I counted 5 or 6 just the other day. They work great in a pinch for holding flowers or silverware if you are serving food buffet style at a party. Whether glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, or crystal–they can be quite beautiful objects when not in icy use.