Beeswax Dipped TruBee Honey Bottles

September 28, 2013

20130928-075534.jpg These insanely gorgeous beeswax dipped TruBee honey bottles arrived the other day. So good they almost make me weep. By now, you all know how excited stuff like this gets me. I love selling beautiful things, and this most certainly goes very close to the top of the list. Perfect to take as a host/hostess gift instead of a bottle of vino. Just think of all the enjoyment the recipient will get from having this usable object out on the counter and looking at it with a smile and thinking of you, the giver. Each bottle of TruBee honey captures the essence of nature in a particular place and time. Given changes in rainfall, sunshine and bloom time, each vintage is unique. Full of nuance, this 100% pure honey is raw and harvested by American beekeepers focusing on indigenous, sustainable nectar sources that are healthy for honeybees. Definitely what is in the bottle is every bit as sublime as the bottle. Plain and simple, all good stuff.