The Easiest Chicken Dish

October 1, 2013

20131001-070154.jpg Often times the simplest of things, using the very best of ingredients, can be the tastiest. Such is the case with this chicken dish. I have seen a few different variations on cooking shows, and I have taken bits and pieces of it to make this as easy as possible to make when you come home after a busy day. Turn oven to 400 the minute you walk in the door and start to prep things.

20131001-070641.jpg For this, I was just cooking 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast. You will want a clove of garlic and a lemon for each breast you are making. This is tasty enough to make and serve at a dinner with guests too. In a baking dish sprinkle in a bit of the best extra virgin olive oil you own. To that juice the lemons. Add pinches of salt and pepper. Minch 2 garlic cloves and add that to the mixture as well. Add a bit of white wine. If you have a bottle open in the fridge, great. Or use some from the bottle you will serve with the meal. A Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay are my usual go-to cooking choices. This is all going to cook down and reduce and become the sauce. Place chicken breasts on top of this mixture. Then add more olive oil to the tops of the chicken as well as liberal amounts of salt and fresh cracked pepper. Add some or all of the spent lemons you juiced earlier to the dish. The oils from the skin will cook into the sauce. Done. Cook in your oven that is now nice and hot for 40 minutes or so. The internal temp of the breasts should read 160 degrees when done. A meat thermometer is a must in every well-stocked kitchen. They are easy to find, with even many grocery stores stocking them. It will become your new best friend in the kitchen, as it is utterly helpful when cooking any type of meat. Cooking time will depend on the size and thickness of the chicken breasts. Chicken can be so easy to under or over cook, so checking the internal temp along the way is helpful.

20131001-071614.jpg All the lemon juice, olive oil, white wine, garlic and chicken juices will have cooked down to create a lovely sauce. Spoon that over the chicken and your rice of choice. Serve with whatever veg you like. Simple, easy and oh so delicious.

A happy start of October everyone.
From Seattle, Ted