Nutella and Apples

October 17, 2013

20131017-075912.jpg Driving around vintage shopping and taking in all the Fall colors you get hungry. At least I do. There are apple stands with regularity on our treks, and it is so cool to see all the varieties they are selling at this bountiful time of year. One of my favorite snack combinations is Nutella spread onto apple slices. This is also a quick dessert we sometimes offer after a week-night meal with guests in Autumn. A big platter of apple slices with a jar of Nutella set in the middle is really such a warming sight. A little Wikipedia search and I learned that it was first made in Italy by the Ferrero company beginning in 1964. The hazelnut chocolate spread has been a hit since it was first introduced.

A lovely Wednesday to you all in your part of the world.
From upstate New York, TKW