Benjamin Moore Aura

October 20, 2013

It has been such a treat to be at the house this week. The Fall colors have been stupendous and the weather has just been lovely. Many sunny days to have the light stream through all the windows highlighting all the shades of green. As promised, I wanted to write a post with all of the colors we chose, as many of you have sent me e-mails asking. We chose Benjamin Moore Aura paint because we had heard from so many folks how much they had liked using it. We chose semi-gloss, as we like quite a bit of sheen. We like the way light bounces off of semi-gloss. It is also great because you can wipe it down if needed. It is just durable and tough. The Aura really brings out the rich hues of a color. The varying greens have a depth of richness to them.



20131020-103753.jpg For the living room we chose Peppermint Leaf 2033-20. It is the second darkest color we went with of the four we used. The living room is right next to the front sunroom, which is all white. French doors open out onto the sunroom, and we really wanted a warm contrast, since we knew they would be open most of the time.

20131020-104220.jpg For the hallway leading upstairs, Sweet Pea 2031-30 was used. It is the brightest hue that was used. We really wanted it nice and bright and cheery. We got that in spades.

20131020-104447.jpg For the master bedroom we went with the darkest green of the lot. Glover Green 2034-10, was handsome and had the right amount of greeny richness we were going for. Having been here for the week, we chose right. It is soothing & relaxing.


20131020-105452.jpg For the dining room, Fresh Lime 2032-30 was used. The close-up photo gives a bit better idea of the spunky shade. The room gets tons of light and looks out to the view of the valley. As well as the grass, hence the flashcard.

20131020-105828.jpg And lastly, the chalkboard painted wall in the dining room I wrote about a week or so ago. Seeing it now in person, we are even more thrilled. The black shade is beautiful mixed in with the greens. We could not be happier with how it all turned out!

Today is our last Hawthorne day as we head back to Seattle tomorrow. It has been such a restful week, as well as quite productive. More posts in the coming weeks of some of our vintage finds and projects. You know I love having you all along. Always, Ted