The High/Low of It All

October 28, 2013

20131028-085947.jpg To me, home, and how you chose to live in it is such a highly personal thing. It is your home. It should bring you comfort & delight. The thing I most love about writing this blog is that I get to share with you a bit of our home life, and what design means to me/us. I think homes evolve over time–layering our interests as time progresses. To me homes are the most interesting when they tell a visual story of the journey of the inhabitants. Sharing with you the beginning of our Hawthorne journey has been such fun. There is not a day that goes by that a customer/blog reader does not bring it up with me. I love that! The point of my post today is about how we like mixing a bit of the high and the low into our homes.

20131028-090731.jpg What does that really mean? You by now have figured out we love vintage goods, so the home will certainly include many vintage things we find here and there. We also love a bit of lux. I am a sucker for an Hermes throw, and curling up with one while reading a book is such a luxury. That would be the high. We came across these $12 lamps at Lowe’s when we were on the hunt for light switch dimmers. These would be the low. I just came to a quick halt when I spotted these, because we were about killing ourselves in the darkness each time we walked into the house each night. Lamps make such a statement and most times can be big ticket items. I just started laughing to TPS when he rounded the corner, saying these would be such a great quick fix.

20131028-091736.jpg Design inspiration can come from all places. By keeping our eyes always open to possibilities we might find things where we least expect them. When we do find just the right lamps to replace these, I can see taking the shade off of these and using the lamps with exposed Edison bulbs somewhere else in the house. Ahhhh, the high/low of it all. Keeps things interesting, keeps things unexpected.