The Power of Simplicity

November 4, 2013

20131104-042813.jpg sim·plic·i·ty
1. the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do “for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate on one theory”
synonyms: clarity, clearness, plainness, simpleness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, understandability, accessibility, straightforwardness

I was quite struck by the cover and contents of the T Magazine yesterday in the Sunday New York Times. I think ‘simplicity’ is such a beautiful word, with an equally beautiful meaning. Clarity, clearness. To me it means distilling something down to its very essence or purest form. More on this word and why it resonates with me in the coming weeks…

If you don’t get the Sunday Times, certainly look for it the weeks T, the style magazine is included. They are so good I save them. Under the editorship of Deborah Needleman, who many of you might remember from Domino, the magazine has flourished. “Style that lasts is the style that counts” are her wise words from this latest issue.