More Prune Love

November 6, 2013

20131106-062258.jpg It was a full day of air travel and we arrived to New York ready for our much anticipated dinner at Prune. If you have read my blog for awhile, you know I dine there on every trip to the city. I feel like I am in the dining room of a well-loved friend when there. The space is cozy, the amazing folk who work there greet me so warmly, the food transports the soul. In a city so big, it is a place that comforts. We checked in quickly to our suite at the Waldorf Astoria–a perfect way to ring in my 50th birthday month. A little refresh and we were off to Prune. Simplicity has been so on my mind lately, and the food at Prune fits into that category. Food is enhanced to taste how it should. Simple, simple ingredients prepared perfectly. I just don’t know of any other way to describe it. After much laughter & story telling, amazing food, good wine, and much more laughter we hopped into a taxi cab, headed back to the hotel and turned in. Resting up for a very, and I mean very, full day today. If you make a trip to New York, do try and squeeze in a dinner at Prune. I promise you will be happy. Very, very darn happy.