My Favorite Things Today

November 14, 2013

20131114-052257.jpg The shops are a flurry of activity as Holiday begins to unfold. I was able to click away a bunch of images yesterday of things that really caught my eye. Many have a very vintage bent, as I really love to mix in as many vintage goods as I can find to the overall WK assortment. It is what gives things that final layer of depth in the layering process I strive for. The above bone dominoes being a shop constant. The display got a new assortment and a little refresh.

20131114-052841.jpg We have stacks & stacks of books at the ready. They really do just make the best gifts. True Prep, written by Watson Kennedy customer, Lisa Birnbach, is her latest spin on all things preppy, and is a follow-up to the hugely successful The Official Preppy Handbook. Lisa was so kind to sign all of our copies. She also gave a quote for the inside cover of my upcoming book.

20131114-053322.jpg Vintage ampersand love, in a variety of sizes.

20131114-053412.jpg I never pass up a vintage Veuve Clicquot Champagne bucket. Ever. These are one of our most sought after vintage items.

20131114-053537.jpg As are the vintage Baccarat coupe Champagne glasses. I found just the coolest assortment recently. I adore these.

20131114-053651.jpg Same goes for the vintage glass salt cellars. We can’t seem to keep these in stock. The silver dishes that house them getting a good assortment refresh.

20131114-053907.jpg Vintage red stripped French dishtowels are always a winner this time of year. I like to use one in place of wrapping paper and make it part of a gift. The red stripe adding a jolly twist on the packaging.


20131114-054203.jpg We just put these out yesterday. The perfect under $20 gift. A glass votive candle by Aquiesse housed in a lovely box. Heavenly scented, we add our signature Watson Kennedy matches to the wrapping, and for 15 bucks it is just one seriously spiffy gift.

20131114-054509.jpg And lastly, sweet little blank journals in tons of colors with sweet motivating titles on the cover. Always nice to have a journal in your bag or valise to jot a note or doodle a thought.

Happy Thursday all!
From rainy Seattle, Ted