‘Just Because’ Gifts

November 16, 2013

20131116-050315.jpg I received a bundle of these poetic roses yesterday from a customer. Just because. Out of the blue, for no reason, which delighted me to no end. It got me thinking about the act of giving, and the act of giving a gift. So often gift giving has a purpose, like a birthday or anniversary. But gift giving for no reason other than the simple act of making someone happy is such a cool thing. A ‘just because’ gift. They made my day. I could not wait to get home and scatter these beauties around in single stem vases. It got me thinking if I was made this happy by this gesture, I want to try and repeat that for someone else. It does not have to be flowers, it can be a coffee or a magazine or a candle. A kind gesture repeating itself. Cheers to ‘just because’ gifts!