TKW in House Beautiful

November 22, 2013

20131122-045651.jpg I was honored and thrilled to be included in the current issue of House Beautiful, out on newsstands now. The Last Words, is the last page of each issue. The question posed this month was, what will you buy next year? “Always on the hunt, the best shopkeepers see it all. Here’s what some of them are eyeing for themselves.” It was a fun twist to come up with something to buy for ourselves, rather than to sell in the shops. My head went right to an apple green French Jielde desk lamp for our house in New York, Hawthorne. They make such classic, iconic pieces, and this is a lamp I have coveted for quite some time. Fun to see what the other shopkeepers are eyeing for themselves too. Lovely to be included in the list–we heart House Beautiful big time here at the Watson Sive household.

A spirited Friday to each and every one of you as we head into the week-end.

I just saw this quote after I finished the above post and thought it was so beautiful and perfect for the day.
“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”
–John F. Kennedy