As do Mar Tuna Salad

November 29, 2013

20131129-070826.jpg If you are looking for a turkey alternative in the coming days, and I am by no means knocking turkey, but by Saturday/Sunday I am ready to branch out, try this super simple tuna combo. In the last year we have started using this incredible canned tuna called As do Mar. It is line-caught and packed when fresh, in olive oil. Off the southwest coastline of Europe lie the tiny Azores, a chain of Portuguese islands that are right in the middle of prime Atlantic tuna grounds. The solid flesh of the yellowfin tuna is richer in fats than albacore, which means that the meat is darker, pink to reddish, and it is moister and richer in flavor. I have now started seeing it on many grocery store shelves.

Since the tuna itself is so tasty, after I have drained the tuna and put it in a bowl–I just add a dollop of mayonnaise, a bit of lemon juice, a few cornichon finely chopped up, and a bit of salt & pepper. Mix all together. Works on top of greens for a filling salad. My favorite is on top of toasted bread served open face. All easy and so flavor filled.