Seckel Pears

December 3, 2013

20131203-084050.jpg Seckel pears are one of the things I so associate the Holidays with. Seckels are tiny pears, with a chubby, round body, small neck, and short stem. Their skin is usually olive green, but frequently exhibits a dark maroon blush that sometimes covers the entire surface of the pear. For whatever reason, these speak of Holiday to me. Must have been an ornament or dish that was served in my childhood that makes me think this way. They are incredibly sweet tasting, so cut in half they work beautifully on a cheese platter. They also can be canned whole, so they look festive in a glass canning jar, all snuggled together. But what I really like them best for is display. I think they look so great just as they are set amongst a pair of candlesticks or individually running down the length of a dining table. Whether enjoyed visually or eaten, Seckel pears are just sweet. Pun intended…

Happy Tuesday all!