Watson Kennedy in The Seattle Times

December 8, 2013

20131208-103536.jpg I am honored to have been featured in The Seattle Times today, with an interview with Nicole Brodeur, in Nicole & Co. Ted Watson’s Gift-Givers Paradise is the name of the article, so click away for the actual piece. Nicole has been a customer over the years, and I am such a fan of her writing. She puts you right at ease, and you instantly feel a connection with her. This is both in person and in her writing style. It was such a treat to walk around the shop last week with her while we chatted away. She also got a quick look at the mock-up of my book, so it was so nice that it got a shout-out in the article too. Reading about yourself can be a tad nerve wracking as you never know what direction an article might go. This is just really a lovely account centered on gift giving–which you know is so near & dear to my heart–and is most certainly on all our minds this time of year.

Happy Sunday everyone!