Shop Shots

December 20, 2013

I have written about this in the past–how the month of December is a bit like running a marathon for a retailer. Well, we are at the 20 mile mark and we are in the zone. It almost becomes a blur how many packages we all wrap in a single day. Between wrapping gifts for customers in the shops and packaging up gifts to be sent from our website, it is a flurry of activity the entire day. If you don’t dig gift wrapping, this is the wrong biz to be in. The WK family are all wrapping rock stars, and at this point it is amazing to see how quickly everyone can whip out an assortment of packages. It is also the time that display becomes even more crucial, as product is moving so quickly. Straightening and refreshing displays becomes a full-time job this time of year. I clicked a few shop shots as we were getting ready to close last night. After a little refreshing and straightening, of course…