Much Loved

December 21, 2013

20131221-053222.jpg We just started carrying the sweetest book, Much Loved. Within a few days our big stack has dwindled down to just a few. A sure sign we have a gem on our hands. This utterly charming book is beautifully captured by Dublin based photographer Mark Nixon. Based on a show he staged and later a website, he photographs stuffed animals and the lives they have lived. From his own little boy and the Peter Rabbit that was a gift to him at birth from his great-grandmother, to the family who has passed on their Teddy Bear thru several generations–he captures the love each has carried for their beloved stuffed animal. I think this sweet book speaks to both young and old.

Happy Saturday & Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you! Hope you have a fun day today.
From a day after a snowy day in Seattle,