Waking Up a House

December 26, 2013

20131226-082620.jpg Home, and a sense of place, hold such importance to me. To be in an environment that cocoons you, comforts you, and puts you at ease. We arrived late yesterday afternoon to our home on Vashon Island, WestWard. We had not been for more than 6 weeks. Getting out of town during the busy Holiday shopping time is just too tough. Absence most certainly does make the heart grow fonder, as the weeks passed we missed being here more and more. Walking down the hillside and spotting the house upon arrival, I always say, “Well hello house, oh how we have missed you!” Yes, I do talk to our homes. For I feel it is part of the waking up process. Some might find it strange, but I find it is all part of breathing life & energy into a home/space. The slumber that the house has been in since we were away takes a bit of waking up. Turning the heat on to get the floors warm and take the chill out of the air. Turning all the lamps on to give flickers of light.

20131226-084251.jpg Cutting the flowers that have been brought and setting them about. Unload groceries and fill the big blue bowl on the counter with fruit. Put a fresh bowl of water down for Bailey. Unpack and put clothes and linens away for the week. Light all the candles. Sweep the porch, restock the wood pile by the front door, light a fire, turn on the Christmas lights. By now, the house is utterly smiling. It feels like it is saying back to us, “Oh how I have missed you–thank you for waking me up from my long nap.” Our sweet, sweet little house in the woods set above the water is once again awake and ready to take good care of us for the week.