The Journey Continues…

January 11, 2014

20140111-061908.jpg I must tell you, having you all along for my adventures is a pretty cool thing. But by now, I think/hope you know this, and know how truly grateful I am. My book journey that began in May 2012 and has continued consistently since has just been so much sweeter being able to write these posts and keep all of you abreast of the process and progress. At some points it has not felt real. With all the timelines and the duration of the entire process, just the idea that the book you are working away on will actually one day be a real book that people will hold, read, look at, hopefully get inspired by–it all seems quite distant. But yesterday it seemed very real. I was asked to do a display for the showroom in Seattle where the book will be ordered by shops around the Pacific Northwest in the coming months. To work on the area where the book would be ‘presented’ was just quite a special thing. Here are a few images I snapped of the display. Each item relating to the “A to Z” of things I wrote about and photographed for the book. To be able to personalize it in my own way was so lovely. The women that make up this showroom, many I have known for years, have been so incredibly supportive of this process all along the way. All the other showrooms across the country won’t have quite the personalized attention, but it just warms me to know they will all be showing my book at all the shows in the coming months. Let the selling begin!