Stumptown Coffee Love

January 15, 2014

20140115-072031.jpg Excellence in a consumable good is always a delight. So often the difference in money between something that is good/ok and great can be very little. I am always on the hunt for that great option. That brings us to Stumptown coffee. For not really much more than run of the mill coffee, you can be drinking exceptional coffee.

20140115-072646.jpg In 1999, Duane Sorenson opened his first Stumptown in Portland, Oregon. He wanted to frequent a place where quality reigned, where beans were meticulously sourced, intentionally roasted and carefully brewed to bring out the life and unique flavor profile of each coffee. He and the coffee received great acclaim right out of the gate, and he branched out to Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. Not only is the coffee exceptional, but the spaces are always incredibly unique and highly visual. I wrote about the cold-pressed coffee they make awhile back, which I also really quite like. But if you ever get the chance to have a latte or cup of plain black made with Stumptown, grab it. You will be very happy you did.