Lavender in a Cachepot

January 18, 2014

20140118-061421.jpg cache·pot
1. an ornamental holder for a flowerpot

I like to think of a cachepot as something that ‘catches’ or holds a pot. Or better yet, something that turns a very unattractive plastic plant liner into something quite fetching. The grocery store flower section quite often has really inexpensive pots of flowers. Recently that had these sweet, sweet pots of lavender. We acquired these cool dark zinc cachepot ages ago. These are when they really come in handy as they are always waiting at the ready in the walk-in closet. Plop, in that pot of lavender goes, ready to add sunshine to the dining table or side table. A cachepot can really be anything that holds a pot. Be on the look-out for them on your travels or when you are out & about shopping. They really are so handy to have around.