A Small Remembrance

January 25, 2014

20140125-060713.jpg Travel is so wonderful as it gives you experiences to remember and relish over a lifetime. I like to have little tokens of trips scattered here and there in my life as little remembrances. It can be as small and as simple as a ticket stub from a play we saw in London that I use as a book marker. These little pieces of ephemera just take me back to the time and place, if only for a second. But it is a really glorious second. Same is true for corks from special bottles of wine we share on trips. I was so fortunate to have a special studio tour of artist Denise Fiedler while I was in San Francisco earlier this week. What a magical space. Look for a full post of it in the coming week. After the tour we went and had lunch at one of my favorite places in the world, Zuni. We shared a bottle of Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé. It was such a special morning touring her work space followed by a memorable lunch with someone I am so fond of–saving the cork from the bottle becomes a small reminder of the experience. I tucked it into a bowl I have on my desk at the shop. It will be such a lovely reminder as I glance at it from time to time.