The Journey

January 27, 2014

20140127-100709.jpg I think the thing I like most about flying is you get to be so alone with your thoughts. I always find it such a great time to think and reflect. Kind of like a many hour meditation. Our flight yesterday from Seattle to New York was just so smooth and peaceful, the snowy view out the window adding to that peace. It got me thinking about the journey of a life. We all have one–a journey. How we choose to travel it is so much up to us. Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow. They all make up a life well travelled. It might have a bit to do with turning 50 and soon after losing a dearest friend who was a contemporary, but I am even more so reminded about how quick this journey can be. How important it is to be so careful with our time. Each day, each moment really is so precious. So vital. To live it well. To savor. Savor the moment, that meal, that time spent with loved ones, that time spent with your own thoughts. Ultimately, to enjoy our own journey. To find peace and joy in it.