A Meeting, A Collaboration, Some Shopping

February 6, 2014

20140206-064002.jpg I had a working meeting in the city on Wednesday before I headed back up to Hawthorne. I am working on a collaboration with the legendary stationer Dempsey & Carroll. To debut when ‘Style & Simplicity’ comes out on May 6th. The idea is that it will be a boxed set to compliment the book. My idea is that it will make a great gift when combined with the book too. Handwritten notes hold such a special place in my heart, so I am so honored to have this opportunity with the likes of a Dempsey & Carroll, which I have so long admired. More on all this when the date draws closer.

20140206-064711.jpg I was left with about an hour after my meeting before I needed to be to Penn Station for the 1:20 train to Hudson. There is no place in New York City that I would choose to wonder around for an hour more than at John Derian’s shops. I have been coming to his original shop for close to 20 years. I wrote in my book the importance of shopping at independent retailers–how they give a city flavor & personality. The love and care and attention to detail they give to their shops is inspirational on many levels.

20140206-065647.jpg John later added another shop a few doors down from the original. This one filled with linens, artwork, bedding, and all the special one of a kind vintage goods spotted with his keen eye.

20140206-065907.jpg And most recently, he added another space to the grouping, smack dab right in between the other two, featuring his fab furniture line. It is just a magical delight to wander between the three spaces. If you have an extra hour on your hands in the city, this is where to spend it.