Pancetta, White Bean, Kale & Parmesan Soup

February 10, 2014

20140210-073628.jpg This really was one of those soups where cleaning out the fridge is also an objective. We fly out this evening to Seattle, so we have been doing our darndest to eat what we stocked the fridge with these past 2 weeks. Soup really can be a one pot wonder. This one is hearty & satisfying and used up the pancetta, kale and Parm we had bits and pieces of. We had also made chicken stock after I roasted a chicken, so soup it was all meant to be.

Cut up into small pieces and brown in a bit of olive oil the pancetta. Use a good sized pot, as this is what you will end up making the soup in. Easy for clean up too. Once it starts to brown add chopped up onions. We also had a shallot, so I used that as well. When all are browned, spoon out any extra fat that has rendered from the pancetta. Fine to leave a little for flavor. Then add as much chicken stock as you would like. Box stock is absolutely fine here. We just happened to have fresh stock. If you have it, use it. Bring up to a heavy simmer and then turn down heat. Add a can of white beans after you have drained them. Canned beans are our go-to for soups. If you want to soak and use dried beans, and go thru that hassle, did I really just type that?, then cool too. Canned beans rock in my book. Then add handfuls of kale. I tear it into little pieces making sure to not use the tough rib. Add a handful of grated Parmesan. Season with pepper and check and see if you need salt. Probably not, as the pancetta and Parmesan have salt in them and naturally season the soup, but it might, so I always try a taste or two at the end for seasoning. Let all simmer away for a bit. Serve with a sprinkle of Parm on top. Enjoy!

From snowy Ghent,