SAVEUR Grapefruit Recipes

February 19, 2014

20140219-071125.jpg The latest issue of SAVEUR arrived in the mail at home yesterday. What an amazing cover! The grapefruit slices looking like a bouquet of flowers. A really incredibly beautiful bouquet of flowers. Not sure I have seen a cover on a food magazine in recent memory where I was so taken with the image. Yes, I am completely judging this magazine by the cover, as a twist on the saying goes. And this time I was completely right to do so. The magazine is always one of my very favorite, but this article with many, many grapefruit recipes is just so darn good. Risotto with grapefruit and seared scallops. Where do I sign up? Amazing. Grapefruit and sugar rubbed pork tenderloin. Oh my. I crave citrus at this chilly time of year. These recipes will keep us busy eating gorgeous grapefruit filled dishes for quite awhile.

Happy Wednesday all!