Haricot Vert

March 11, 2014

20140311-080423.jpg I picked up a huge bag of haricot vert on Saturday from Frank’s Quality Produce stand in the Market. The French green beans younger and thinner than regular green beans, I find them to be less starchy and packed with flavor. We also like to prepare them very simply at first and have them at the ready for the week as the veg for other dinners adding to them for a little variety.

Initially I salt a big pot of water and bring it to a boil. While that is heating up, cut both ends off the bean and discard. When the water is rolling, add all the beans and cook until the desired of done-ness is achieved. Really only a few minutes and they will be finished. I sample along the way so it is timed spot on. When done, I transfer them to a big bowl of ice water to stop the cooking. Quickly take them out of the ice bath and dry. A simple big dollop of butter and a liberal sprinkling of sea salt and they are pure heaven. For later meals they get slightly reheated in the microwave or the stove top. Nuts and cheese work beautifully with these. Off the heat add blue cheese and walnuts or feta and hazelnuts. The haricot vert also are divine at room temp or slightly cold as a solo vegetable salad. They are great this way as a healthy snack when putting together nibbles to serve with cocktails.