Yellow Daffodil Happiness

March 16, 2014

20140316-092829.jpg Spring is so darn close I feel like I can almost touch it. Yesterday the Market had Spring fever, and the stalls are starting to brim with a profusion of buds. There is just something about a daffodil that signifies to me the change of season.

20140316-093044.jpg There are so many magical qualities to the Pike Place Market, and one of the sweetest ones is how the rooftops of many of the buildings are planted with daffodils at this time of year. Your eye just treated to a visual feast of yellow as the flowers sway about in the breeze. So unbelievably pretty. I bought a small bunch of fluttery double daffodils for the shop. It is always so fun to see the smiles that occur when someone sees a simple vase of them mixed into a display. Yellow daffodil happiness indeed.