High Waters

March 19, 2014

20140319-061156.jpg I always find it so interesting when what you had planned does not work out, but what you come up with as an alternate plan equals or exceeds what you had originally hoped for. Plan B. That other idea. Whatever you would like to call it. It can be as simple as a walk on the beach or as dramatic as changing a career. I was reminded of all this on Monday when I was so looking forward to a stroll on the beach. I had not looked at the tide table earlier in the day to see that the tide was incredibly high in the late afternoon. By the time I walked down the steps, the beach had all but disappeared. I resorted to Plan B, and just sat on the bench at the top of the stairs and just listened to the lapping of the water, becoming lost in thought. Quiet. Peaceful. Really all the things I was looking for on a beach walk. It is really a silly example/reminder, but a good one still, that even when things don’t work out just according to plan, roll with it. What is handed to you could just be what you were looking for.