Time with Family at Hawthorne

March 28, 2014

20140328-075801.jpg We arrived last night to Hawthorne for a long week-end of spending time with family. The house just enveloping us like a big bear hug when we arrived. Of course I mean that metaphorically, but it is completely how it felt. This trip will be so good for the soul on many levels. It will be so lovely to reminisce about Ted’s father and share stories. Just to be cocooned in the warm embrace of family will be restorative.

We started hanging the artwork from the shipment we sent from Seattle in January that did not arrive in time on our last stay. I feel so strongly that art just gives a home much life. It is so interesting to see the pieces hung here in a different environment. Soothing really, kind of like old friends. It is cool to have a little bit of Seattle here in New York. I will try and take photos and do a post around the artwork in their new home in the coming week.

Sending much, much love from Ghent,